Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Angel in Hell Contest

This just in from the talanted(and pretty!)Brian Lynch:

'When the book is out (you gotta pre-order to make sure if your store gets one, reserve one NOW!), there will be a contest to see who can take the book, shoot ANY scene, and make their own LAST ANGEL IN HELL fan-film, BE KIND, REWIND style. No effects needed, just your imagination. Lower budget the better.

In the ANGEL world, Hollywood made an ANGEL film. In our world, you guys are gonna.

The best fan vid will win a huge package of ANGEL/SPIKE stuff from me. Like, a lot. Like, too much. Comics out your ears. Signed signed signed.

This could be a lot of fun, I think.'

I'm gonna jump in here on this too- The winner of this contest can also expect some original art from any of the Angel books that I've worked on, winner's choice. After the Fall, Not Fade Away, Boys and Their Toys, Last Angel in Hell, whatever they like(depending on what I've still got obviously, but there's a lot).
I'll throw in a couple of runners-up prizes too.

Spread the word guys. Myself and Brian are very proud of this book and really want to get the word out there for folks to pre-order it.


thesemifiction said...

Any more details on the contest yet? Dates, eligibility, etc? Really keen for this, but I'm non-US and getting a copy of the comic overseas takes quite a bit longer sometimes.

Moondog said...

I'll add more details once I've talked to Brian, but I'm sure he'll allow for overseas entries taking a bit longer and the like.

Veiriti said...

Yep, I'm in!!! Recently I'm bit busy, but I'll try to make something! ;))
I'd love to make a trailer by "The Last Angel In Hell"! I'm a big fan of Brian Lynch's Spike/Angel comics. Here is my fan-made trailer for Spike Spin-off tv show/movie which included Beck and Tok from Asylum and Shadow Puppets
And I'm Spike-addicted, but I'll try to don't make the new trailer so spiked! LOL
And yeah, thesemifiction is right -the shipping of the comics overseas takes me about a month... ordered by

Moondog said...

Great Spike trailer man! Really well done. Hope to see an entry from you for the competition!

Veiriti said...

Thank you, Moondog!!! It means a lot for me!!! I love your art – it's amazing and I have no patience to see the new comics. And the idea for a movie about Angel's team adventures in Hell is brilliant. And I'm pissed about these new "Buffy movie" rumors, without Joss Whedon and the original tv cast. It would be great Joss to make a Spike/Angel movie based on After The Fall comics. I'm a big fan of these shows because of these two vampires (mostly because of Spike! lol). I think Angel show needs a conclusion – Not Fade Away wasn't a finale for me. So, I'd love to see an Angel movie with James Marsters and David Boreanaz of course - sorry but I can't accept another actors to play my fav characters – even Brat Pitt and Nicholas Cage!! ;)))

Kevin said...

Ha very cool man! All the best! ya should be proud great stuff!

Veiriti said...

Hello again!
My Angel movie trailer is ready. But I couldn't upload it on my u-tube channel - FOX banned me at the begging. Maybe because of their logo... I'll try to change the movie company and to upload it again... well, it's not for first time, these u-tube jerks constantly take down our fan vids. So, you can watch my vid on my B-tube page:
I hope you'll like it. ;))And I have used your logo in my trailer and I hope you'll not ban me about it. ;))

Veiriti said...

Here is the youtube link to my Angel trailer:
I've changed the movie company and I've uploaded it from my other account so everything is all right now! :) I hope you'll like it. And I've seen the preview pages of "Boys and Their toys" AWESOME!!! I can't wait for these issues... but I have to wait about a month... :((