Thursday, July 26, 2007


One other thing, my current freelance animation gig with Boulder has come to an end for the time being, so this means a few weekends free for a while(yay!). Until the next series of the show starts I'll be taking requests for commissions from anybody who wants 'em. For 100 euro(bit more for team shots etc) you can have a fully inked/fully pencilled piece featuring just about any character/s ya like. Just gimme a shout at with any enquiries. Clear? Coolio.

The Show Must Go On....

Been really impressed with the stuff that Declan Shalvey (my successor on Freakshow) has been doing on the new book, especially on the stuff that's yet to see print. Hope everybody picked up the first issue of his run, which is still available I think, and gave a good checkin' out. Really tight stuff, especially his storytelling abilities. I remember a few years back when Dec showed us his samples at the Atomic Diner booth at Bristol, and it was far and away the best stuff we'd seen that day. I'm really glad he's picked up the baton and bloody run with it, cos it means our little book is still kickin' ass and takin' names. Makes a parent proud.... sniff. Feeling all nostalgic for the 'show now.... heres a few pages from my run wich weren't QUITE as bad as the rest, and also the original character design sketches from way back. My first pro job in comics, thank you Mr. Robert Curley!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Amnesty International Part 1

First three pages.

Amnesty International Part 2

Here's a short story I drew last year for an Amnesty International charity book. The story was written by Rob Curley of Freakshow Fame. I had to turn this around in three days, so at the time I wasn't crazy about it cos it was so rushed looking. But now I've come to kinda like it for its rough edges. Which is a weird turnaround, cos usually the older my stuff is, the more and more I dislike it. Anyhoo. here it be, says I.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Spidey Black+White

Even though I'm fairly happy with my colours on the spidey piece(a rare thing indeed) thought I'd stick the 'ol inks up here for ye ta gander at.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tis The Season....

Hey guys and gals, just a quick note to let you know the story with con appearances this summer. I already attended the Northern Ireland con in Derry a little while back, and that was fantastic. Got to appear on my first ever proper panels with the likes of Simon Furman and Charlie Adlard. Proper comics people! Madness. And I was even there as a proper guest! Was also at Bristol last month as a proper guest and everything. Its a bit mad because I still in no real way see myself as a comics 'pro', even though I've been making a (crappy) living at it for a few years now... I'll be a guest at the upcoming Sub-Con on the 29th of september in Dublin, with other guests like Alan Davis(!). Ledge. And the big one... I got invited to this year's Dublin City Comic-Con alongside the likes of Carlos Pacheco, Adi Granov, Steve McNiven, Andy Diggle, Jock... the list goes on. But get this- Jim-freakin-Lee is confirmed as the guest of honour. The guy who inspired me to draw in the first place will be sitting up the table from me, and I'll probably be chatting away to him. I'm ridiculously bloody excited about this. He really is a bit of a hero to me. And on the day of my 30th birthday! That one's on the 17-18th November in the Tara Towers Hotel Dublin. Cannot. Wait. The other usual suspects from the Irish scene should be at both these shows too, fellow chancers like Stephen 'Tommy' Thompson, Declan 'D-Shalv' Shalvey and Bob 'My name doesn't lend itself well to witty puns' Byrne. Hope to see craploads a you folks there!