Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teen Wolf

Next week sees the release of issue 1 of 'Teen Wolf' from Top Cow/Image. The story is called 'Bite Me', and is written by my former Angel collaborator and scribe extraordinaire David Tischmann. It's a brand new, original tale overseen by the show's creators, and a great, fun ride.  I'd reccommend it to any fans of the new show(which apparently is doing really well straight out of the blocks, which is fantastic).
Check it out if ye get the chance.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


These are some illustrations done for the Peter David prose story starring Harmony from the recent IDW Angel Yearbook(it was the last Angel book that IDW put out before the changeover back to Dark Horse). Plus, the li'l unicorn emoticons that were peppered throughout the story.
I really enjoyed working on Harm; one of the very few Angelverse characters that up until that point I hadn't gotten to draw. Colours are by the uber-talented Ms Jordie Bellaire.