Monday, February 25, 2008

Angel: After The Fall 6+7 Variant Covers

Here's the inks for the next two Angel covers, one featuring Wesley and the other with the holy triumverate of Connor, Spike and Lorne. Really happy with the Wesley one, came out pretty much as I saw it in my head, which is very rare. That and he's my favourite tv character ever. I like the drawing on the other cover too, but wish in hindsight that I'd made it a little more dynamic.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2008 Eagle Awards

The Eagle nominations are upon us again(top UK comic industry awards) and I just want to encourage people to vote for a few of your friends and mine in certain categories. First up, nominated for 'Best Newcomer' is the one and only Declan Shalvey, of Co. Clare. Dec won an Eagle last year for his Indy book 'Hero Killers', and thoroughly deserves this award also. He's currently working away on a Frankenstein adaptation for Classical comics and it looks really, really good. He's a total stand-up guy too, as anybody reading this probably knows.
Next, there's surely no other choice for 'Best Editor' other than IDW's head honcho Chris Ryall. Chris gave myself, Nick Roche, Len O'Grady and Stephen Thompson a home at IDW, and is a helluva fella to boot. And he's also by far the best editor I actually have worked with. Vote Irish I reckon.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is Bob Byrne's nomination in the 'Best Writer/Artist' category. Bob has been doing outstanding work in the field for years now, and deserves this sort of recognition. He currently writes and draws 'Bob Byrne's Twisted Tales' for 2000AD, which are fantastic little tales of intrigue and lunacy, and last week his long-awaited original graphic novel 'Mr. Amperduke' was launched, and by golly is it good. I'd urge all the oirish types to vote fer Bob here, as there can never be enough Dubliners in the Whitehouse.
Here be the address(can't get it to link for some incompetence probly):

Do it to it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Smokestack Steeples

Hey, just wanted to point folks in the direction of the blog of my new writer and chum Josh Jabcuga. He'll be chronicling all things Mummy related over there, so give it a look-see at some point and drop him a line. Josh also wrote a very well-received 'Scarface' prequel book for IDW, 'Scarface: Devil in Disguise' with lovely noir artwork by Alberto Dose, you guys should seek out the trade. Read more about the creation of that book over at Joshua's ongoing column at Comics101 - 'Joshua Jabcuga's Squib Central'. Josh covers all sorts of topics in the column archives and they're well worth a read. Tell 'im Mooney sent ya!
Here's the cover for Mummy 2, just to give you vultures something to gawk at. I don't like this one quite as much as the covers for 1 and 3, mostly because Lisa wasn't available to colour it and I think it misses that a little. Still fun to draw though, I could pop out pictures of Rick O'Connell for days. Sigh... he's so dreamy.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Mummy Issue 3

Cover to the third issue of The Mummy, out in June. Colours by the delightful Lisa J.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Webwise cover

Here's the cover image for that story I drew recently for an Irish magazine. Apparently its been very well received. Which is cool!