Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Irish Times Christmas Illustration

A piece done for the BANG magazine supplement in today's Irish Times. Please pick it up! It's a great read.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Eclectic Micks Volume 2 Sketchbook launch

I'll be signing at the launch of the new Eclectic Micks sketchbook this coming Friday, at Forbidden Planet Dublin from 5-7pm(weather permitting! Lotta snow round these parts). Please drop in to say hi to myself and the other Micks in attendance(Dec Shalvey and Will Sliney so far), and maybe pick up a copy of the new book. Each one comes with a headsketch of a character of your choice, ala Watcher-Wesley here done for an Angel fan at the NYC con in october.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Willow and Spike

So it's been revealed that I'll be joining ├║ber-scribe Brian Lynch on the second half of his new Spike series, and believe me, the script I've read so far is brilliant. A certain guest-star appears(Willow!) and she is so very mired in-character, it's a joy to behold. This is the Willow we know and love. I'm only a few pages into my first issue(5), and already I'm having a ball.
I'm taking over from the amazing Franco Urru for a few issues, as he's had to duck out for personal reasons. I'm sure he'll be back soon though, as you can only keep a man like that out of the game for so long!
This isn't the only project I've been working on for our editor, Mariah Huehner(this lady knows her stuff, class act all the way). Keep your eyes peeled for some other Angelverse artwork at some point soon...

Great to be back.