Sunday, September 23, 2007

Joseph Dredd

Been working on and off on a Judge Dredd sample in my spare time(cos I sure have loads....). Here's the splash page inked up. I posted the pencils for this bad boy here a while back, but due to my complete lack of webby acumen I have no idea how to make a lil' link to it. It's in here somewhere.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Couple more Pages

A couple more pages from Issue 1.

Strangeland Issue 1

So the first issue of Strangeland was released last wednesday, hopefully its doing well enough. They still have like 5 or 6 copies left in Forbidden Planet I think, not sure about Sub City or the Third Place, so get in there and pick it up! My feelings are still very mixed on the whole digital inking thing, when it comes down to it I just prefer good old-fashioned inks. That said, the production values on this puppy(and all the Fangoria books for that matter) are gorgeous, and have a real glossy, magazine type feel. Here're some of my favourite pages from Issue 1, the art gets a lot better as the series progresses. Or so I'm told, I can never tell. At time of writing, I've 8 pages left to draw on the last book so I'll be finishing right on schedule. VERY excited about what I'm doing next, I'll fill ye in when I'm allowed. Peace out bitches.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The House That Funk Built

Myself and Jackie are having a house built up in Monaghan at the mo, and as part of the payment to the architect firm that helped us design it I was commissioned to draw a two page strip chronicling the process to display in their offices. They high-lariously wanted myself and Jackie to feature in it as a picture-perfect young couple on the go. Here's page 1, I'll be drawing the second once the house is finished. Funny Stuff.
Oh, and I'll stick up some pictures of the actual house soon, it looks amazing.