Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday Night at the Movies

Hey, these images(from Brian's blog) have been linked on a lot of the fan-sites already so I figured I might as well stick em up here. What are they for? Draw your own conclusions is all I can give ye at this point.
But know this:
judging from the script I've received from Brian so far, it will genuinely be utterly brilliant. Hyperbole aside, like. Soooooo good; so much fun to draw. I love working with this guy. Oh, and bonus: The amazing Nick Runge is collaborating with me on these posters, he'll be working his colour-magic on them to finish 'em off real special-like. I'm giddy at the prospect of what he'll do with them(no pressure there Nick)!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The NightHorse Cometh

I recently drew this image as an album cover for the very talented(and Irish!) band, Super Extra Bonus Party. It's for their new LP 'NightHorses', which is released this month and I'm very much looking forward to hearing.
I'll stick up the step-by-step process, just so ye can see how the magic(cough) happens.

First off, the concept that I put to the guys. The brief was to have a horse in space wearing armour and being shot at by attackers with rayguns, so the piece designed itself really...

Here are the pencils, no significant changes from the rough other than I flipped the image as I thought it read better the opposite way.

And so onto the inked piece. I was asked to make the horse's head bigger as the fact that he was actually a HORSE might be getting a little lost in there. So I embiggened his noggin a tad. A good call by the band.

Here's my first stab at the colouring. I think it has some decent elements, but on reflection the image looks a bit washed out and the planes needed to be more defined.

Here's the final version. The band wanted the NightHorse to stand out against the BG more, so we lightened him up while darkening his linework, and threw some darker blue hues behind him to pop him a bit more.

And that's my heroic story.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Fade Away

First issue of my new Angel miniseries, 'Not Fade Away', is out tomorrow. Please check it out!
The script on this one is by the very talented Scott Tipton, adapted from a piece by Joss Whedon and Jeff Bell.
Also, I'm making an appearance to promote the book at Sub City Comics in Dublin on sat the 30th of May. I'll be sketching, signing and singing for my supper, and fellow IDW'er Stephen Thompson said he'd stick his head in too, so that'll get the teenaged girls in.
I'll stick up times for the signing when I get 'em.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cordy's a Little Blue... (or) Lorenzo!

On Friday I met a fine gentleman from Pisa, Italy named Lorenzo Croce. Lorenzo is a massive Buffy/Angel fan who was spending a few days in Dublin. He had got onto me previously about maybe meeting up while he was here to talk about the Angel comics and the shows. While I admit I was a teensy bit wary of meeting somebody who contacted me over the net, I'm so glad I did, as Lorenzo turned out to be a lovely fella altogether, totally down to earth and, like me, a massive fan of both shows.
We yapped for an hour or two over coffee, just waxing fanatical about the verse. I also did a couple sketches for him, one of Angel in his FIRST NIGHT hardcover, and also this Cordy pic.
So all in all, stalking people you admire over the internet obviously works, and will score you some free crap.

PS- I can't go without mentioning Kinzica and Marta, Lorenzo's two lovely female friends who were travalling with him. Great people.
Even if Kinzica is a huge CHARMED fan.