Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cordy's a Little Blue... (or) Lorenzo!

On Friday I met a fine gentleman from Pisa, Italy named Lorenzo Croce. Lorenzo is a massive Buffy/Angel fan who was spending a few days in Dublin. He had got onto me previously about maybe meeting up while he was here to talk about the Angel comics and the shows. While I admit I was a teensy bit wary of meeting somebody who contacted me over the net, I'm so glad I did, as Lorenzo turned out to be a lovely fella altogether, totally down to earth and, like me, a massive fan of both shows.
We yapped for an hour or two over coffee, just waxing fanatical about the verse. I also did a couple sketches for him, one of Angel in his FIRST NIGHT hardcover, and also this Cordy pic.
So all in all, stalking people you admire over the internet obviously works, and will score you some free crap.

PS- I can't go without mentioning Kinzica and Marta, Lorenzo's two lovely female friends who were travalling with him. Great people.
Even if Kinzica is a huge CHARMED fan.


Declan Shalvey said...

I like the blue in this one. Nice idea. I think she really does need new clothes..... she looks nekkid.

Nothing wrong with that mind.

Moondog said...

She is indeed nekkid. Easier to draw.

galvinator said...

blue really works man, the eyes are class. Internet stalkers... probably no more dangerous than the punters from the cons.

nickrunge said...

Great Cordy!

Moondog said...

Ah, bit harsh Tom, the con punters are harmless. Sure I am one, truth be told.
And cheers Nick, much appreciated! We talked about you, you know...

Lorenzo said...

Hey, internet stalker here ;-)

Thank you again for everything. It was a great morning. You are a nice and kind guy and I'm so glad you gave me the chance to meet you!

The blue Cordy is amazing. She has magnetic eyes. Perfect!

I don't think she really needs some new clothes now.
In Pisa is very hot, so I think she'll be fine naked :-P


Moondog said...

You're very welcome Lorenzo, was great to meet you too!
And don't mind Galvin, he's just jealous! Great artist though, you should check out his blog.