Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Fade Away

First issue of my new Angel miniseries, 'Not Fade Away', is out tomorrow. Please check it out!
The script on this one is by the very talented Scott Tipton, adapted from a piece by Joss Whedon and Jeff Bell.
Also, I'm making an appearance to promote the book at Sub City Comics in Dublin on sat the 30th of May. I'll be sketching, signing and singing for my supper, and fellow IDW'er Stephen Thompson said he'd stick his head in too, so that'll get the teenaged girls in.
I'll stick up times for the signing when I get 'em.


galvinator said...

great pic man, love the composition. I think Angel's just after askin the chicken/egg which came first question. The guy with the green tint on his skin doesn't look too sure. Duh!

Moondog said...

Heh, you're pretty close!
Cheers mandinga

Fran Johnston said...

angel looks like morten harkett from a-ha in this pic. coool!

angeliclestat said...

Hey man,

May drop into Sub City on Saturday.Will be getting my copy on Thursday, but will be around Georges st on Saturday anyway - will pop in and say hello!

nickrunge said...

I'm definitly gonna pick this series up! Saw this cover on the net a while ago. It rocks! So do those pages you showed me.

I just wish Dublin wasn't so far away from here... it'd be fun to go to that on Sat. Have fun signing and sketching...and singing! Ha ha.

Moondog said...

Brendan, you should defo stick yer head in if yer about!

Nick, the singing is the best part!
Oh, I tried sending you a link to the One Bad Mother pages, but your email bounced it back to me. I'll try again today, I'd like your opinion.

Lisa Jackson said...

I read Angel as Bagel, that circle on the ground is effecting me subliminally. Nice cover, more striking than lovely.

Moondog said...

Goddammit Leese, Now I'M hungry.
Stupid evil bagel.