Thursday, October 23, 2008

Details Are Sketchy

Hey sports fans,
Here are a couple of recent Angel related sketches. I recently worked on a run of alternate covers for the current Angel series. The concepts for these covers were chosen by members of the fansite(hell of a site). Each month Slayalive ran a contest to see who could conjure up the best cover concepts, with the winning concept being voted on by the members of the site. I'd then get sent the winning concept and try to do it justice through artistic execution(I assume whenever I eventually croke it'll be as a result of artistic execution...). Some of the concepts were really strong, and we produced some pretty decent covers between us. Anyhoo, the winners of the each cover competition were supposed to have their names immortalised in the artwork of the covers themselves. Through circumstances beyond anybody's control, a few of the winners' names got left out of their respective covers. So I tried to make it up to them by offering to draw an original sketch for each slighted person. Here are two of these sketches as requested by Erin Waggoner(Willow) and Alan Mulqueen(Illyria).


Will Sliney said...

Always the gent Mooney. Both are spot on, great work

Declan Shalvey said...

Yeah, they're both bang on man. Fair play.

Picked up the new issue by the way; looks great. No 'bitty' linework. Nice and slick. Like you.


Moondog said...

Phew! That's good to hear Dec, ta. Seems to be going down well, fingers crossed.

queeroid said...

Just plain amazing. Thanks so much!


Moondog said...

You're welcome man! Glad you like it, should be arriving any day now.

luke f said...

Picked up the latest Angel yesterday.And the free anthology.
And I reread a load of Freakshows.
I passed out for 7 hours after what doctors called a Mooney overdose.

Moondog said...

Dear God Luke, what have you done? That much uncontrolled exposure to shoddy, shoddy artwork... well its madness! Madness I say!

Lisa Jackson said...

That's so nice of you.

I love the dark blue all around Illyria

Stephen Thompson said...

I like the Illyria one, looks like an album cover for some reason. Is that black marker that's gone a bit blue from the scan, or is it actually blue marker? Looks good either way.

Jean said...

Hi Stephen,
I read in your blog that you were making sketches for the cover contest winners that didn't get their name on the cover. Well, I was one of them. Mine was Issue #5 - Gwen/Illyria.

So, maybe, could I have one too?
(I couldn't find an email address for you - but I PMed you on the SlayAlive site in case you pop in and visit).