Friday, January 21, 2011

Angel Investigations Museum

Here's the inked art for the Angel Museum splash in the preview for Angel 41. People seem to be enjoying picking out all the references to the earlier seasons of the show so thought I'd give ye a better look!
This badboy was great fun to draw, and got me all misty-eyed for the show... good times.


Anthony said...

I can't wait! thats is so cool. I need something of Doyle and Cordy's there :)

Ricardo said...

Damn dude, your sense of design in this piece is top notch! You really have total control over the viewer's eye in this piece.


Hope all is well, say hi to Jackie for me and Stacey. :)

Stephen Mooney said...

Hey Ricardo! Thanks for the kind words man, much appreciated!

I will of course tell Jac you guys said hi, and give my best to Stacey while yer at it!

Hope all's well over in NY.