Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New York Comic Con

The Micks will have a table at next weekends NYCC, number R-12 in artists' alley. Please do drop by and say hi. Myself, Dec, Will and Len will be there representin' the auld country. We'll be hawking the new Eclectic Micks sketchbook, and also will have a very limited quantity of the first volume with us.  They're both super-aces.
Can't wait to get over there, always a blast and a half. Join us, won't you?

Here's a Shadow piece that i drew as part of an art swap at the con with Angelic Nick Runge. He's good people.


ryan said...

I would love to come to NYCC to see you and Nick! Hopefully when i'm a mega comic industry superstar one day! i wish!

Finnegan said...

Hey Stephen, I just saw this today and it reminded me of your post a few weeks ago. It's just funny how some characters are so iconic that the same motifs etc recur.

Stephen Mooney said...

Yeah, some images are just so iconic and seared into our collective consciousness we just end up doing variations on the theme.

Love Evan Shaner's version. He's some artist.