Thursday, October 15, 2009

Angel 26

The first issue of my final arc on Angel landed in stores last week, and by all accounts seems to have been well-received by just about everybody, which is lovely news. I really enjoyed working on the 'Boys And Their Toys' storyline with Brian, and I think issue 27 is even better than 26. It's the high-concept that sells these books for me, and Brian is the man in that regard. His ideas manage to be original and fantastically witty while at the same time they make you think 'why the hell didn't I think of that?'
Issue 26 leads into part 2 in issue 27 next month, and then in December the whole thing is wrapped up in the nigh-50 page beast that is the first Angel annual, 'Last Angel in Hell'. Myself, Brian and Chris are VERY proud of this one, and wait'll you see the colours on it by fellow Irishman Len O'Grady.

I GAURANTEE that the annual will be one of the best comics of all time, DESPITE the fact that I drew it. The script is that good.


galvinator said...

Outstanding work as always Mooney. The darks and lights really enhance your compositions. Excellentaay!

Moondog said...

Cheers Thomas!
Strong praise indeed.

ryan said...

i loved this issue. you work is definitely on the up and up, getting better and better. the inks are rich, the likenesses were spot on but natural. also liked all the easter eggs in the issue, ie your wolf logo, optimus primes matrix, green lantern, supergirl, batman's utility belt, and brendan fraser's the mummy poster from what i can remember! can't wait for the second issue... man i wish this could've been televised! it's sooooo funny!

Moondog said...

Wow Ryan, you caught loads of the easter egges in there, man. But there are even more! Brian is great for things like that, he peppers the script with little gems and lets me chuck in a few of my own.
Really glad you enjoyed the issue!