Monday, July 13, 2009


This is a commission I did a week or two back. A lady wanted a drawing of her boyfriend(who is a massive comics fan) as Batman as a gift for his 30th birthday. She knew he'd really go for something like this but could never be seen to seek it out himself! I get these kind've requests more often than you'd think, maybe because I'm used to doing likenesses for most of the books I work on, who knows.
Anyhoo, apparently the bloke was delighted with his present so all's well.


Declan Shalvey said...

Verrrrrry Niccccccce.

Really like the composition, the blackspotting and that Burton-Batmobile is my favourite. Like how it's obviously the Burton one, but slightly different.

Good work sir.

Will Sliney said...

Yes Yes, i too like this a lot sham. Great work

Moondog said...

It's obviously the Burton Batmobile, except for the parts Stephen drew wrong.

luke f said...

Some really nice little details here,like the DC logo and the batsignal.

Lovely stuff,Moonknight.

nickrunge said...

Great piece man. You draw a killer burton-style bat and mobile. Awsome spotted blacks too.

Cheers bro!

David said...

Nice work. It looked a little odd until you explained it. It does look like a guy dressed as Batman.

Moondog said...

Cheers guys! Much appreciated.

jamie said...

funnily enough i'm 'working on' a batman picture myself,inspired by will slineys excellent recent batpics,and i keep going back to the anton furst designed batmobile... it was an awesome vehicle.
as was the batwing,also featured in my piece.
but i digress,

Moondog said...

Be sure and let us see it when you're finished Jamie!