Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Attended the 2D con in Northern Ireland last week and as usual it was fantastic, great hosts, enthusiastic guests, huge turnout, and a handful of us Micks. Hearty thanks to con organiser Dave Campbell who once again pulled out all the stops to make us feel welcome and looked after.
Here's one of many, many drawings of Angel and Spike that I churned out over the course of the con. They were all pretty quick and loose pics but that's the way its gotta be when so many kids are looking for sketches. Actually, that's the best thing about this particular con, the guests are predominantly children, and they're so excited and enthusiastic. The Northern Ireland Arts Board funds the event and encourages schoolkids to attend free of charge, so there's always a great, youthful vibe about the place.


luke f said...

I left you an email about getting those sketches to ye but it may have ended up in "Junk",Moonpie

Fran Johnston said...

like this mooner. big blocky blacks is what I think you're best at.that sound a bit gay?

Moondog said...

Yep, answered that mail today Luke, ta.
And Fran, whether gay or not, it feels right goddammit.

Lorenzo said...

I like this picture. It's very (I don't know if this word really exists) cartoonish! Good work :)


Moondog said...

Hey Lorenzo! Hope you're well man.