Saturday, February 14, 2009

Team Angel

Just back from the NYC Comic-con; really enjoyed it. The highlight for me was finally getting to meet my conspirators on the Angel books, Brian Lynch, Scott Tipton, Franco Urru, David Messina and of course head-honcho Chris Ryall.
Sometimes you meet up with co-workers on a given project and end up just making polite conversation with each other until it's time to leave. Not so in this case, we genuinely all got on famously. Brian's wife Carrie was also there, and she's a total class-act, lovely lady. Herself and Jackie rolled their eyes most of the time as Brian and I traded childish, yet devastatingly witty, quips.
Brian himself didn't disappoint, in fact we clicked from the get-go. A magnificent (and handsome!) fellow. Cannot wait to get going on our upcoming books(details a ways off yet unfortunately).
The Italian lads were incredibly gracious, Franco was very charming and totally fluent in English. He presented me with a beautiful Spike original page, which was totally unexpected and very much appreciated. I am genuinely a huge fan of his as an artist and a person, but mostly his ability with the ladies. David too was just so nice, and his originals blew me away. He went out of his way to chat to us throughout the con, and I have much respect for the man. Not to mention his rather attractive studio-mates...
Italians are fantastic.
Scott spent much of his time with David, as the two are such a tight unit when it comes to their books. They make an excellent team, and Scott described some wonderful stuff that they have upcoming, he's a hell of a writer(as I know first-hand due to collaborating at the mo on our first book together, Not Fade Away). Another gem of a man!
And then there was Chris, herding us into some semblance of a tightly oiled machine; no mean feat. I've never met somebody who works so hard at what they love, and that's a bit of a statement considering the industry we're in. Got a heck of a turn-of-phrase, that guy; very dry and witty. Right up my alley. Chris and IDW treated us all to a slap-up meal and drinks on saturday night, great fun!
That's where this pic of (left to right)Franco, Brian, myself and David was taken by Jackie.
Good times.


Fenderlove said...

Sounds like a great time! Franco Urru gave you art? Lucky! :D

Stephen Thompson said...

Plus there's a Dunkin' Donuts behind you, you lucky bastard. God I miss the one on Grafton Street.

Moondog said...

I miss it too Thompson.
But it's gone now.
It's... gone.

Gillian Comerford said...

Did someone mention donuts???