Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Heart Wesley Wyndham-Pryce.

Well into the second issue of Not Fade Away, and I'm finding myself enjoying drawing this guy so much more than everybody else. He's just gotta be one of the coolest fictional characters ever, in any medium. His journey from Bungling parody to badass throughout Buffy and Angel was the highlight of those shows for me; no mean feat.
I mean, what an arc. Hell, his arc was so complete it was a goddamn circle.
I'm seriously considering lobbying Chris to let me do a Wes/Illyria mini-series/one-shot set during season 5 where they tackle some sort of mission away from the main group. As much fun as adaptations are, I really wanna get back to original material after this. You listening Boss-man?


Skytteflickan88 said...

Oh yes, more Wesley. He has more potential as a action comic character than Angel anyway. Is that sketch for Not Fade Away?

Declan Shalvey said...

Nice panel man. It's nearly Leinil Yu-ish.

I would love to see you on a Wesley-centric series. Saw that episode where his father visits him recently and you really see how much he's changes when he slips back into old-Wesley-mode now and then.


charco said...

Wesley's great, largely because he sort of becomes what he set out to do. Just the trip there is far harder than he realised.

W- 'I'm a rogue demon hunter'
Cordelia- 'What's a rogue demon?'

jamie said...

is he the guy married to allyson hannigan?
lucky,lucky bastard.
i'd rather see stephen do a firefly mini,or one-off with all the original crew.

Anonymous said...

Though I do like Firefly, I agree with Mooney: Wes is my favorite Whedonverse character, so here's hoping that there will be a Wes/Illyria story on the horizon!

Erika said...
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Will Sliney said...

Nice one