Friday, March 21, 2008

Deuce and a Half

A panel from early on in issue 3 of The Mummy. Man, I love drawing this stuff. Beaten up old army trucks and dude's in old-skool aviator goggles. Sign me the hell up.


galvinator said...

Nice stuff. Reminded me of an episode in my past I would have preferred to forget though. Yeah I'm talkin about 'Nam, when me and a truckload of army dudes raided an enemy base. In the end it was just me versus 50 insolents. I fought and overpowered them with my bare hands. But I don't like talkin about it. Great drawing!

Moondog said...

Cheers man. I know those are times you'd rather forget, sorry for making you re-live the past. Again.

jamie said...

what truck?!

Dec said...

Eh ....the truck in the panel Jamie.

Great ol' panel Steve. Looks like a cocktail of high adventure with a splash of dizzying highs and a dash of terrifying lows.

I'd buy that for a dollar.


Stephen Thompson said...

That was a Raiders reference there Dec. Before your time I know. Love that panel, although when I saw the thumbnail I thought that was a chimp driving the car. I was a little dissapointed that it was a normal guy with a scarf covering his face.

Moondog said...

Huh, now I'M a little disappointed its not a chimp driving...

jamie said...

thank you,stephen.
just got the new 'empire' film mag and they've got some great coverage of indy 4,and some nice pics of the mummy sequel,
which beggars the question,when's the comic coming out?

Josh Jabcuga said...

Chimp? Steve-O, mark that one down for our next book, too, along with the you-know-whats-with-the-fish-tails. Or we could do monkeys with fishtails???

Issue #1 drops sometime in April, yeah?

Moondog said...

Think April Josh, yeah. Chimps all the way! But not with the fish tails. Rather keep them a lil bit more... shapely.

Anonymous said...
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Rich said...

Sweet panel moon, keep them coming.

David said...

I hear a lot of artists don't like drawing vehicles, but that's a top job on that truck right there.

Reminds me of a photo of grandad in front of one from when he was in the army (he was a trasnport sergeant).

Dec said...

Oooooooooooooh right. Only seen Raiders once, as Mooney can attest to.

Yet no one got my Robocop reference.


I also initially thought it was a chimp at first glance too. Work a chimp into the book guys. Everyone likes chimps.

galvinator said...

hey man, remove that comment left by the akinol blogger, it's a worm.

jamie said...

lol,dec...we just watched the 20th anniv edition of robocop,bought ages ago.
i was trying to get over the 'splash of dizzying highs and a dash of terrifying lows' comment.

Moondog said...

Oh right, Robocop. I thought that quote was just a 'during and after' desription of Dec's personal life.

Dec said...

The 'highs and lows' comment was not a reference, just pure unadulterated Dec (actually that's a lie; i lifted that from the Simpsons. Still, i had to get 'unadulterated' in there, as THAT is a reference to my personal life)

jacintha said...

Chimp? Drawing self portraits again honey....?

tinylittlesandra said...

Hi-de-hoe! My first visit here, and dude! theres some class stuff here, keep it up, I shall return.

Moondog said...

Sandra! Great to hear from ye. Hope things are going well post-fables!

galvinator said...

here throw up a new pic, thought i'd just wait it out, but i'm gettin impatient. This one's been up for a week now! Come on Moonshine, get the thumb out!

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