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So I'm knee deep onto the first issue of Not Fade Away, working on page 18 as we type. It's a fairly nondescript page(illustration-wise) featuring a section of a conversation between Wes and Illyria. The real challenge for me so far on this book has been trying to stage the action in a somewhat original way. The episode itself is so well crafted that the angles and shots employed by the director(Jeff Bell) for any given scenario tend to be the best and most obvious choices in each instance. So I'm left with the question, do I use the same shot used in the episode, or try and come up with my own method for staging the scene? How much should I tinker, if at all? I'd certainly rather draw each piece using my own storytelling and pacing, but I still have to serve the script and intent of the writers. Also, I'm sure the readers of the book aren't going to simply want a shot by shot reconstruction of the episode(which isn't really a legitimate concern in this instance, since we'd need a lot more than three issues to pull that off), but that said there are certain beats and images from the episode that you most certainly have to hit.
The settings have to remain the same as the episode, since the locations aren't changing and neither is what happens.
So where I'm finding that I can express myself most is in the shot choice and pacing on any given page. To (literally)illustrate my point: Panel 1 on this page was described thusly in the script:

Illyria touches her bandage while Wes approaches her with another.

1. ILLYRIA: Then why—

2. WESLEY: Don't I go off and have one last perfect day? Smell the flowers, or sky-dive, or have a go with Mistress Spanks-A-Lot... or whatever the hell one is supposed to do in this situation.

3. ILLYRIA: Mistress Who?

In the episode, we see Wes approach Illyria as she sits on the bed, the camera behind Wes so we can see her front and his back.
I thought that maybe it would be cool to see the expression on Wes' face as he speaks, and Illyria's reaction, as opposed to just Illyria's face, so I shot it from over Illyria's shoulder.

The next panel description reads:

Wes applies another bandage to Illlyria.

4. WESLEY: There is no perfect day for me, Illyria. There is no sunset or painting or finely-aged scotch that's going to sum up my life and make tonight any... There is nothing that I want.

5. ILLYRIA: You want to be with Fred.

In this instance, I stuck pretty much with the kind of shot employed in the episode, as we need that close up of Wes as he delivers such a heart-breaking line. No room for me to mess around with this, nor did I want to. The one thing I did was to widen the shot to include Illyria's noggin.

Wesley has finished with Illyria, and is wiping his hands on a hand towel. Illyria is looking down as she speaks.

6. WESLEY: Yes. Yes, that's where I'd be if I could.

7. ILLYRIA: I could assume her shape, make her come alive again this once for you…but you would never ask me to.

In the episode, we have fairly wide medium shot of both Wes and Illyria as they converse, as well as intermittent close ups on Illyria . I chose however to focus more on Illyria's downcast, cold expression(as well as drawing it from a slightly different angle to increase the sadness a little)as she makes the offer she knows Wes won't accept. Once we continue to establish Wesley's proximity to her by showing his hands in the foreground our staging is fine. I wanted the emphasis here to be Illyria as opposed to the both of them.

Wesley speaks to Illyria kindly while Illyria touches her bandaged neck.

8. WESLEY: The first lesson a watcher learns is to separate truth from illusion. Because in the world of magics, it's the hardest thing to do. The truth is that Fred is gone. To pretend anything else would be a lie. And since I don't actually intend to die tonight, I won't accept a lie. Is it better?

9. ILLYRIA: It's better.

In the episode, Wesley has stepped away from Illyria slightly as he delivers this speech, and the camera focuses on him. I liked the idea of having Wes lean in and say it softly to her in a warm way, a little more affectionately. I want to be able to feel the tension between the characters.

So that's a few examples of how I'm trying to bring a little of my own personality to the proceedings. To be honest on this particular page I changed things up quite a bit, as I didn't think it was making anything less powerful than it had been in the ep. With most pages I can play around with two or three panels, and otherwise stick fairly rigorously with the shots from the episode. On one or two occasions I was loathe to change anything at all because it was all shot so perfectly, maybe just pulling the camera back to incorporate more of the setting, or slightly changing the acting or some such.
Its a tricky process, and lord knows how difficult it is for Scott to try and break such a dense episode down and then squeeze everything into 60-odd pages, while all the time letting the right scenes breathe and in some instances(this is where the real fun begins) extending and embelishing. I can't wait for some of the stuff he has planned, where we delve that little bit deeper into some particularly favoured scenes...

Anyhoo, sorry about the post being so long-winded, thought it might be interesting for folks out there to have a little window into the proceedings.


Skytteflickan88 said...

That is so nice of you to write so detailed. Yes, we fans like our windows;)

luke f said...

lookin good,spoondog.
I`m really loving the crosshatching in this baby.

Stephen Mooney said...

What can I say Lucas, I love to cross me some hatch.

Declan Shalvey said...

Great post Mooney. Really interesting to see how you're sticking with the episode while also trying to mix it up a bit.

Lovely page too man, some great rendering, nice black-spotting and some nice, slick lines. Kinda Hughes-y or Dodson-y.


Stephen Mooney said...

Cheers Dec! Exactly what I was shooting for.

Stephen Thompson said...

Nice page Moonster. I couldn't read the whole post as I haven't seen the last series yet, and it was getting a bit spoilery. My favourite bit is Wes's hand in panel one, I like how you left his nails white and the finges shadowed. Something you would never have done back in the day.

jamie said...

i wish i was stephen mooney.

Stephen Mooney said...

Thompson: Yep, you learned me those kinda things. I've decided things can look cool just for the sake of it, without a full grounding in physics.
Jamie: Really?! I hear he's not so great frankly. Over-rated in my book.

Will Sliney said...

Awesome work as always man

ryan marshall said...

i'm tempted to colour this in and letter it myself now!

Joshua Jabcuga said...

Two of my buddies and two fine storytellers working together on one project! This is like peanut butter and chocolate. Mooney is so pimp! What up Dublin?

jamie said...

no,i'm kidding.
i want to be declan shalvey.

Stephen Mooney said...

Alright Josh! Whats shakin man. Dublin is cold and wet right now, but other than that we're winning. Very excited to be working with Scott on the new book! How're things on your end?

Erika said...

goodmorning Sir Stephen Mooney,
i love this post, really much interesting than many others, helpful and the result!? amazing!!
i will read and read again, trying to learn something!thanks for spead your knowledge!
now that i'm here i dare to say (well you know declan is on holiday!!) that i'm amazed by your talent on giving expression to the face of you character by, apparetly, change a bit in theyr face...astonished!!
i wish you all the best

Stephen Mooney said...

Erika! Great to hear from you. I'm a big fan of your wonderful posts over at Declan's blog, thanks for reading and glad you like my stuff!

Anonymous said...

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