Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spike#6 Out Today

Issue 6 of Spike, my second issue with fantasti-scribe Brian Lynch, is in stores today. Please pick it up, this one is something of a... game-changer.

Link to the preview here.


ryan marshall said...

And boy did this issue go off!!! Spike, Willow, Drusilla, Lilah in one! Everything is so top notch about the issue, the art, the writing, the colours, the inking, the script, the twists. But poor Spike having to deal with his soul being played with over this last year!

nmcil said...

Love the image and how your use of body language - I love the issue.

It's sad to see the last of Spike on his own and his life with IDW.

Stephen Mooney said...

Thanks guys. Yep, it is a kinda bittersweet, but wait and see how the books go out, definitely isn't with a whimper!